USA Map Latitude Longitude Bracelet

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Handcrafted USA Map and Longitude Latitude bracelet, made in silver or bronze chain linked - you choose. The default choice is silver if no request left on your order.

It features a crystal clear dome glass in the center, handmade with your Longitude Latitude and map. The USA map shows two locations with red hearts. It can be personalized, handmade with any text/quote/phots you want.

Perfect for long distance relationship, friendship, mother, daughter, living far apart and this bracelet will keep you together.

Centerpiece measures approx. 0.75" (19mm, 1.9cm) wide.  Including a small gift box. Silver plated or Bronzed chain default size is 7.5" long, it can be shortened by request.

No two handcrafted bracelet will be alike. A slight variation in handcrafted jewelry.
Please note, Photo enlargement for easy viewing. The map might be a bit smaller than the photo.

Please leave the following information when you checkout:

♥ Please provide your Latitude and Longitude information. If you do not know, just leave us a street address. We will figure it out for you. 

♥ Map: the location on the heart.
♥ Style: choose silver plated chain linked or Bronze chain linked.

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