Silver Skull Initials Tie Clip, Mexican holiday

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Fun Tie Clip with Initials! Scare up some style with this skull tie clip.

Customize your one-of-a-kind jewelry creation with this personalized camera tie clip. Crafted in Aluminum, the back is personalized with your choice of 3-10 characters or numbers, and the front of tie clip has a skull head.

Hand cut, hand polished. Measures 2 inches wide and 3/8" long. It is slightly bendable.


Please leave the following information when you checkout (Note to Seller Box):

♥ Initials or name or words to be hand stamped on the back of tie clip up to 3-10 characters or numbers


It's 1100 Pure Aluminum which is safe on your skin. There is a much lower rate of skin reaction with PURE ALUMINUM than with sterling silver.

** Tie in the photo is not included.

Each piece is carefully handcrafted by me and is placed into a gift box.

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