Peacock Personalized Eyeglass Chain Holder, Monogram Initials Eyeglass lanyard

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This Peacock Personalized Monogram Initials eyeglass chain holder features an Antiqued silver peacock and an oval shaped charm can be personalized with your monogram or initials

Peacock measures approximately 5/8" long. The total length is 26, 27, 28, 29 inches or 30" (66 to 76 cm) ~ you choose.

Don't get caught without your eyeglass again. Your one truly must-have accessory is always at hand.

Please leave the following information when you checkout:

♥ Monogram or initials on oval charm.
♥ Choice of character Font design -see above photo # 4.
♥ Length of eyeglass holder ~ 26, or 27 or 28 or 29 inches or 30"


This lovely Eyeglass chain is lightweight, comfy, and fashion-friendly. Great give for yourself or love one.

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