Latitude Longitude Necklace, Hand Stamped Personalized Initial Pendant

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Personalized your Longitude Latitude Necklace here. Round shaped metal in our choice of copper or aluminum (silver) or brass. This hand cut, hand polished pendant can be hand stamped with Longitude and Latitude and three characters in the center. Dangle with a Swarovski pearl or our choice of one pearl/ crystal bead, all hangs from a 18 inches long chain. Measures 1" long and 1" wide.

* Latitude and Longitude will remain hand stamp in small Arial numbers if you wish to change center Initials to other Font.

Please leave the following information when you checkout:

♥ Please provide your Latitude and Longitude information and choice of Initials in the center or without it.
♥ choice of metal: brass or Aluminum. If no choice is made when you order. Aluminum is the default choice.


PLEASE NOTE: Our personalized custom charms, bracelets and necklaces are hand stamped using special tools. Thus, each piece will be unique and thus you should expect variations from the photos. My creation reflects the process of its making, therefore, each piece may contain file marks, scratches, dents, bumps, bruises. No two pieces will be alike. Text and designs may not be absolutely perfect and straight. This gives you the unique detail to your charm and should not be considered a defect in craftsmanship. 

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