Compass Latitude Longitude Photo Cufflinks

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Compass with Latitude Longitude Photo Cufflinks

Personalized these cufflinks with that special place with a compass in the center (none working).  It's made with dome glass and strong silver plated cufflinks, making it a wonderful personalized gift.

Measures 0.86" wide, (22mm or 2.2cm).

We also offer custom personalized cufflinks. The great keepsake for your wedding, birthday with these unique cufflinks! Great gifts for the groom, groomsmen, father of the bride and father of the groom, uncle, step-dad, grandfather.

Please leave the following information when you check out:

♥ Your Longitude Latitude or email me your street address. I can figure it out for you. The street address needs to be exact street address, door #, street name, not just state and zip code.


Each piece is carefully handmade. Your cufflinks are placed in a small gift box.

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