Store Policies

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Shipping Rate: $5.95 (US$) USPS first class flat fee shipping within USA Domestic. $9.75 US Priority mail. $32 US Express mail.

Processing time: between 4 to 5 business days not including delivery time.

Refund only approve on non custom made items after 30 days from the delivery date. Custom made, personalized items are not refundable.


We accept Visa, Master Card, and Paypal. 

Handling and processing times: between 3 to 5 days. 

Refund upon approval from 30 days after received the items ONLY on the non custom made items. Custom made, personalized items are not refundable.

♠  PLEASE NOTE: Our personalized custom charms, bracelets and necklaces are hand stamped using special tools. Thus, each piece will be unique and thus you should expect variations from the photos. My creation reflects the process of its making, therefore, each piece may contain file marks, scratches, dents, bumps, bruises. No two pieces will be alike. Text and designs may not be absolutely perfect and straight. This gives you the unique detail to your charm and should not be considered a defect in craftsmanship.


♠ Shipping:

Currently turn around time is 5 days. During Christmas or any other holidays, please allow at least 1 week for handcrafted production & time for USPS delivery! All of the items will ship out with a small jewelry box. 

If your shipping address was wrong when you're placed with the order and it was shipped. Your order will not be refunded. It's not our seller's fault.

All order(s) will ship to the "shipping address" on your order(s). It's also the confirmed address on your PayPal payment.  Please also make sure your shipping address is correct. Item(s) ship to wrong shipping address provided on your order is not our website's fault.

Attention UK customers including Europe, Australia, countries other than the USA. Buyers are responsible for all or any applicable customs fees, and handling fees, duties, taxes, levies on your packages.

UK customers will have to pay your own VA TAX: 20 % VAT on anything over £15 plus the £8 handling charge from the Royal Mail. It's not seller's responsibility to pay for your country duties/handling fees or customs fees.

♠ Refunds:

Most of our items are custom made ~ made to order with your personalized information on it. We do not accept a return, exchange or REFUND on custom made items. Because it's personalized with your information. No one else can wear it. It's not resellable. 

You are responsible for correct spelling and information gave during an order. Any wrong information given after the delivery is not refundable.

If you decided to return against our refund policy. There is "30% restocking fee "charge & will not be refundable including return & original postage.

Under current EU regulation, custom-made products are not refundable and not returnable. Custom made items has your information on it which is not resellable.

♠ FAQ:

Please note: each item is made of solid metal we have in inventory. Each character is hand stamped by hands with a hammer. It's time-consuming with careful attention to details. All hammer characters on the metal will have indentations shown on the back of metal/item. Just so you know the indentation is not done on purpose or done to damage the items. It's part of hand stamped characteristic on the item.

All item(s) can only hand stamp on one side, not BOTH SIDE unless noted in the item description. Please SPELL out every single word you want on the item(s). 

♠ Final text request on your order. Please make sure your final decision on the text is on your order. Emails back and forward between seller and buyers so many times can mix up the order(s).

♠ All cufflinks are lightweight handcrafted hand stamped cufflinks. It's not machine made and will not be heavy cufflinks.

♠ If an issue exists, please contact me for a resolution prior to leaving Feedback, so that I may have the chance to correct any problems. **

♠ If your item is damaged, please send "Proof of Photo" for insurance purpose and also make sure the mistake will not happen again. If you received the perfect condition chain or item and you broke it. It's not seller's fault and will not be replaced.

♠ Incorrect address: Item will be ship to the address on your order. If shipping address was incorrect after the item was sent. It will not be refunded. If items returned to us. Additional postage will be applied before we can send it again.

Question on double side hand stamped items.

We can only hand stamp on one side on each item. We do not hand stamp both side of the items.

Question: I want it in 3 days or next week.

Please allow time to make handcrafted, personalized, custom order items + time for USPS delivery. We need at least 3 days to make your item(s) year round except 1 week around Christmas and holidays.

How fast can you make the item?

Please remember all of our items are MADE TO ORDER. It is handcrafted, handmade item(s). It requires time and attention to details to make it. It's not machine made. It will not be perfect. Please allow AT LEAST 5 DAYS to complete your order(s).

During holidays & Christmas time. Please allow AT LEAST 1 week to complete your order(s) + time for USPS delivery.

Priority or express mail shipping should be in the listing. If not, please email me for listing.

Where to leave a personalized message?

To enter personalized message - click on "add to cart" in each listing. You will get a box to enter a message for the seller. That's where you leave a message or you can email us after your purchase on what you need.

If a mistake happened on a personalized item, like missing characters or missing name/text.  If the text request is not on your order. We are not responsible for it. If it's a mistake on our part.  We will be happy to fix it for you. Otherwise, the personalized item is not refundable or exchangeable.

Change in the order: PLEASE make sure your picture or characters/numbers are correct and final before place an order. Once it's made. It can NOT be changed. Thanks!{ padding-bottom: 0px !important; }