New Years Resolution 2017

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Everyone whoever happen to read this blog.   This is the owner of, my name is Jan.  My 2017 goal for this blog is talking about whatever subject come to mind during the month.  We will not only talk about our new products. But also talking about everything in life, daily inspiration. If you have any new idea for our website. Feel free to email us at .

Well, today's subject is new years resolution 2017.

I feel a bit down because of recent USA election. The country is so divided. A lot of things has happened and I hope our business will continue doing well,

My goal for 2017:

1.  Brainstorming on new items other than jewelry.  Add more new product line including non-handmade items.    If you have any idea. Let me know.  Maybe we can carry it on our website.

2.  Doing our business tax return.  I hate it about being a business owner. But someone has to do it every year.

3)  Getting our passport ready. Just in case we need to travel outside of USA looking for unique items for our customers.



4.  Update our website - reply emails, deliver orders as soon as possible, more blog - that's difficult to do since we are all so busy.

5.  Trying to relax which I am not very good at doing.  


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